Customer Relationship Management

All your contacts in one place, whether prospects, clients or suppliers; containing multiple addresses, mapping, communications, groups and more. Access to and creation of estimates, orders and invoices: only one click away.

Each contact can be linked to a company.

Arrange contacts by groups and sectors

Additionnal details for suppliers.

Verify a VAT number or easily obtain information via a VAT number.

History by client: estimates, offers, invoices and project management summaries

General dashboard providing overview of top clients, sales by salesperson, annual and monthly sales and sales by region.

Project Management

BeProducive is also a management tool for making work fast, easy and efficient even with teams spread in different locations.
It's flexibility enables multifunctional teams to work together and get things done successfully in one application. Schedule, prioritize, discuss and track progress in real time — all with a few mouse clicks.

Monitor the income and expenses of your projects thanks to reports and charts.

Tasks, estimates, (supplier) invoices , (supplier) orders, attachments — all at your fingertips.

Integrated calendar.

Commercial Management

A dashboard gives you an overview of your offers, projects, supplier invoices, customer invoices and supplier orders, all in one place.


BeProductive makes invoicing easy. In one click, you can turn a customer order into a modifiable invoice. After entering your company logo once in the parameters, and, after minor help from our team adapting the invoice layout to your graphical specs, you can then create endless invoices. They will immediately be accessible from your customer record and will be included in the stats. You can duplicate and edit an invoice within seconds.

Fast creation – Turn products and billable hours into an invoice in less than 60 seconds.

Fast delivery – Send invoices instantly through the built-in email client.

Fast payment – Receive (multiple) payments twice as fast.

Built-in Email Client

Keep track of all relevant emails sent with the built-in email feature. Send a variety of documents: offers, orders, invoices, etc. directly from BeProductive.

Everything stays linked to your client, prospect or vendor, effortlessly.

Product And Supplier Management

Keep track of all the products and services your business has to offer.

Define different VAT rates by product or service

Compare your purchase prices for all your vendors linked to your items or services

Attach multiple documents such as manuals, technical documents, images and more, to each item

Enter multilingual descriptions

Manage the various components of each item

Connect with your SMTP email-envirnoment to ensure that all stays linked and accessible to all the users in one single place

Document Storage

BeProductive automatically stores every in-app generated document in a seperate file.

So every offer, order, invoice or other document you every generated is stored within BeProductive in a PDF format.
And what's more, every attachment you sent with the built-in email feature will be stored here.

You won't lose anything from what was sent out.


Time is money. Stay up-to-date with your business progress. Track company hours on timesheets, project income, amounts to be invoiced, and project budgets.

Reporting Tool

BeProductive's powerful reporting tool gives you real-time access to data to keep your projects on time and on budget. Get the insight you need to estimate future projects, and ensure your business’ profitability.

Multilingual Documents And Interface

Users can easily switch their interface language. Our first three languages are English, French and Dutch.

The true multilingual power, however, lies in the fact that users can generate and send documents in another language using our powerful 'Standard Letters' module. Using these, you can make sure your customers receive a clean and personal estimate, order or invoice in their language with just a few clicks.

Windows Surface Compatibility

All the previous listed functionalities are available on Windows Surface 3 running FileMaker Pro v13

iPad Functionalities

Whether you are on the road, in the office or by the pool, your business is right there with you.

Our iPad mobile client includes the following modules:

Customer relations

Display addresses on a map

Products and catalog management

Creation and editing of estimates

Task management

Intuitive user interface

Connect to your data through a wireless connection


iPhone Functionalities

The iPhone client offers you a full view to the CRM aspect of BeProductive.

You have all your contact data right in the palm of your hands and can interact with it seamlessly.

Customer relations

Direct call functionality

Direct mailing functionality