About BeProductive

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JAK Solutions focuses on developing customized database management solutions. Ergonomy and ease of use are our priorities.

We concentrate our efforts in developing custom personalized database solutions, focusing on ease of use. Independent FileMaker developer since the beginning, we selected FileMaker as our tool for developing database solutions because of its proven power and features that allow rapid development cycles.

Our approach

We specialize in developing versatile, management solutions, not just software. Being accustomed to working with small businesses (SMBs), we understand the importance of providing a complete service ensuring Mike Scott limited jersey fast mastering of the full potential of the product we develop.

This service begins with the installation on site, the configuration of the system’s parameters and the training of the users, in order for the application to be fully operational quickly. And what’s more, with our service offer, you can count on personalized technical assistance to resolve your problems later on.

With our experience in developing custom personalized application, we offer flexibility in adapting standard solutions to meet you specific needs, which allows your application to grow with your business.

Why we developed BeProductive

Although each implementation is different, an organisation’s business processes can cheap jersey sale often be broken down into a series wholesale hockey jerseys of common fundamentals. This common base can then be expanded to accommodate the additional requirements that are particular to an individual business, its work methods and products.

We have developed a series of building blocks that can be used to assemble a basic system more quickly and more cost-effectively than developing them from scratch. These modules, typically meeting more than 80% of any business, are designed so that they can wholesale nfl jerseys China be fully modified and adapted to meet the particular requirements identified in the business analysis.

Our library of modules combines the flexibility of a bespoke solution with the speed and cost-effectiveness of modular software. In addition, there is the reassurance of knowing that these same, reliable and efficient, building blocks are already in daily use in many organizations.