Nine reasons to choose BeProductive to enhance the way you manage your SME.


BeProductive integrates management of sales, purchasing, projects, tasks and much, much more...


One click and your offer has become an order that you can send by email with apersonalized text and PDF.


Conceived with a Mac spirit and usable on Mac, PC and iPad, BeProductive will assist you to efficiently complete your tasks.


Your data is finally centralized, shareable and simultaneously accessible in real time by all the users according to their access privileges.


Thanks to an innovative approach, BeProductive combines the advantages of an out of the box solution with those of a custom, designed for specific needs.

Service included

6 hours of training and custom modifications and 3 months unlimited phone assistance are included so that each user can enjoy becoming more efficient.


For each contact you can visualize: the offers, orders, invoices, emails, project.
The summary snapshots help you make the right decisions.

On a local Server or in the Cloud

BeProductive can be installed on a local server within your company or in the cloud. You access your data from home or from a client’s location.


BeProductive handles multiple currencies, allowing you to invoice and do business internationally as if there were no frontiers.

Modularity Is The Key

Each management module was conceived to interact with all the other modules.
We develop new modules and functionalities to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced business management modules

Evolutive: your current and future needs can be integrated

You own your solution and the security of your data is insured

Multilingual: choose the language for each user and each document

Manage several businesses using one solution

Integrate your SMTP environment very easily

Multi-platform: Windows, Mac and iOS compatible

Enhanced personalization of user parameters

All SMEs have 90% of the same needs.

Follow-up on your customers, yours quotes, your orders, your invoices, your timesheets, your items, your stock, your purchases, your projects, yours tasks, your payments, your specific accesses by user…

All SMEs have specified needs.

Specific business, own graphic chart, product characteristics, summaries, choice of languages by customer, barcode scanning, link with other databases…

BeProductive contains 100% of the functionalities you use daily.

You finally have access to an integrated, custom, multi-user software in real time; regain the joy of working in a pleasing and intuitive environment while owning your application and your data all the while.